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I am so glad to have you back here at Joyful Redemption. I am trying to make it more open for discussion and more open to get in contact with me so we can talk about the different things we discuss over here at Joyful Redemption. Welcome to the new page and we hope you enjoy…So without further ado the blog.
I don’t know if you have seen the music video by Taylor Swift, “You Need to Calm Down.” I have and it pretty much made my skin crawl on all different angles. If you haven’t, I would encourage you to. Hear me out, I am going to attempt to write this blog on all different aspects of the video that possibly can be portrayed.
Before I break it up between the different groups, I want to say that there are extremes to all different groups. We have homosexual extremist, and Christianity extremist. Both can do extensive damage without hearing out the other. So actually, being on both sides of the fence I can honestly relate to both “extremist” group. I have been gay, and I am a Christian. If you ever need to talk about it I am for sure willing to talk about it. I do understand, and I get where both sides are coming from. So, hear me out as we work through this blog…

First of all, I want to say if you ever felt banged up, bruised, scarred, hurt, or anything else by the church I am sorry. On behalf of all Christians I apologize. In all honesty I am a Christian and been in church my whole life and I have been hurt by the church multiple times, with multiple different occasions. So, I understand the hurt, I understand the pain of not being accepted for what has happened to you, or what went on in your life. I am sorry for the hurt that you have experienced, and I grieve with you. Understand that Christians are not perfect. Though we strive to be more like Jesus in every aspect of life, we make mistakes, say stupid things, and hurt people…even hurt one another.

If you have ever felt like you’ve been picketed like in Taylor Swifts music video, I am sorry. I am talking about homosexuals, transgendered, Blacks, Muslims, and anyone else under the sun that have felt like Christianity has attacked them. I understand the animosity that could be brewed or stirred by Christians that say you are going to hell, that stand on the corner with signs that say brutal things, that is not the way all Christians should be portrayed. Just like there are some people in your culture that have portrayed your people wrong, there are people like that in our Christianity culture. They are the ones who are extreme and can come across hateful if you will. Those people should have a category of their own and not seen as everyone under the Christianity umbrella. Those picketers represent Christianity wrong. Heck, Jesus didn’t even do that. I am sorry if you have felt attacked.

Now to the dicey part. Here me when I say that I do care, and I do love, but I love you enough to tell you the truth. Though the truth may hurt, understand I am not going to change you I get it. It is only by the Grace of the Father that will be able to change you and your heart. Now lets focus more on Taylor Swifts video. Though Christians may seem like picketers, that are full of hate I would have to disagree. We care enough to tell you that Biblically it isn’t the way to live. Gay, homosexual, transgendered and anywhere in between as a Christian I am able to stand here being once in your shoes telling you that it is wrong. That sin is sin. Yes, you sin differently than others, but we aren’t called to live in sin. That is why we try to have you hear our side of things. We know the punishment of sin, and we want no one, not even the worst of the worst to receive that punishment. There is more to a life than that. Now I understand, you may be sitting there thinking, “Just let us live our lives.” Sure fine, we will let you live your life, just know that we care more than that.

On the flip side however, if you are going to live your life, let us (Christians) live ours. Yes we may come on too strong because we genuinely care about your life. Stop forcing us to conform to your way of life. I understand hatred meets hatred. I understand that you may feel like we genuinely hate you, hence the music video. That isn’t all Christians, just like not all frogs are toads. BUT if we are going to let you go about your business, let us go about ours. Stop telling us how to believe. Stop trying to change the Bible for us, to make yourself fit into a “non-sinful” category. THAT GOES FOR CHRISTIANS TOO. Stop trying to make us do things that we don’t believe just so you can “win.” Stop taking God out of things that God was never supposed to be taken out of in the first place.
I will say this, you don’t believe in our way of life or accept it…so why do we have to be so accepting of yours? Yes, we are called to love. Yes, we are called to be more like Jesus…but Jesus didn’t accept sin.

Now Christians, I sit here and say this, stop hitting people over the heads with Bibles. Yes, it is super important for us to share our faith, but this hatred that has come about on us is because that’s what we do. We hit people with our Bibles expecting change. That’s not what Jesus would have done, and as a Christian we are supposed to try to be like Jesus. We are never going to get there, yes I know, but our goal is going to be looking like Jesus. Jesus wouldn’t have taken the Bible to people, no. My favorite illustration of Jesus is when He met the woman at the well. He broke all barriers because A.) He wasn’t supposed to be talking to woman. B.) A Jew wasn’t supposed to be talking to a Samaritan woman. Instead Jesus sat and just talked to this woman, a sinner. She was out at the hottest time of the day because her culture shunned her because she was committing adultery. Instead of Jesus, the person who could have shammed her, beating her up with her sin…He simply had a regular conversation that broke all barriers. Yes, He ended up pointing out her sin gently. Do you realize how loving Jesus was.

Jesus had the ability to meet grace where grace was due, with truth. Truth sometimes hurts and yes, we can put truth really nicely or in a really mean way. It is how we approach this idea with grace and truth. Too much grace we will “bend” the Bible, if you will with it be conforming to us. Too much truth, you get things like this music video. So how do we fix this Christians? With a tension between the two which is another blog for another time.

I understand none of this is going to be fixed overnight, or even fixed at all. As a Christian though I felt the need to say something about it. I felt the need to talk to both sides because again, I have been on both sides. But I will say Christians we need to take a stance and stop letting today’s culture change us and what we believe. We need to stand firm on the Bible, yes not beating people with it, but LIVING it out as best as we can. Even if that means we get persecuted for not being accepting of today’s culture, even if that means death. We need to stand on the truth, love, and grace of the Bible.

I don’t know where you find yourself. I don’t know if you find yourself in the far way of truth or in the far way of grace. I don’t know if your accepting towards Christianity, or if your not. I don’t know if you are accepting towards homosexuality, or not. No matter where you find yourself, I hope and pray that this is a place where you feel like you belong. That you can be heard, and understood. If you ever need to talk, vent, or anything else slide on in to Contact us. I would love to talk to you. Most importantly I hope you feel like this is home…Welcome Home.

~Joyful Redemption

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