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These two words have stuck to my heart like a tattoo, Joyful Redemption. These words cover me and speak to my soul when life just seems too much or even if life is going wonderfully. They have been words that have had the most meaning to my life. My dream is that everyone feels the weight of these words and people everywhere will feel like they are Joyfully Redeemed.

Joy has been a word that I have always gone back to. I know that every high school kid deals with some kind of depression and I guess that you could say that was me, too. I dealt with depression and felt lonely because people always seemed to leave me. I dealt with self harm and the only way to get myself out of my funk was to write Joy on my wrist. So day in and day out I wrote Joy on my wrist. Why not happiness? Happiness was always just a feeling for me. Happiness is very temporary and it comes and it goes as it pleased, but JoyJoy was this whole other aspect to happiness. It was learning to be Joyful during the circumstances no matter what life brought you. It was rejoicing in even the lowest of lows BECAUSE I knew God had taken care of my circumstances and I was sitting in the palm of His hand. It didn’t ever depend on how I felt or what I was going through because Joy wasn’t temporary, it was a lifestyle.

So overtime Joy became a word that permeated my heart and whenever I would hear it, see it, or read it, no matter where I was I would feel some kind of love that I belonged. It made me feel that I was going to be okay. Joy became something I lived by and something I dreamed every one would have. I would give you the definition of Joy, but it has such a worldly view that it literally only states a place of happiness and that isn’t how God intended Joy. He intended for you to always have it in the midst of the highest mountains or the lowest valleys. God gave us Joy as a fruit of the spirit and without Joy, life almost seems to be depressed…Joy is a God given word, given to us to live to our fullest potential. It is more than happiness, it is better than happiness, it is a state of being which all of us should live in. Hence, why the first part of this ministry is Joyfully.

The second part of the name of this ministry is Redeemed. This word holds a lot of weight in my heart because it is so powerful. It is the depth of this ministry, it is what holds it all together. There are so many definitions of redeemed but here are a few of my favorite.

Redeem: To buy back, to pay the random, to release from debt or payment, to free from sin or consequences.

Redeem tugs on my heart strings because how many of us live like we are redeemed? How many of us think that we can never be good enough for God? How many of us think to ourselves, “Well if God is actually seeing my sin, He will never want me”? Well guys, do I have some news for you. I fall into these categories almost daily. I always think that my sins outweigh the power and the love of Christ, which just brings my vision back to this word, ‘redemption.’ No matter the sin, no matter how big or how small, or what we think is the worst or the smallest sin ever, God has bought us back. He has bought us back to Him, HE HAS REDEEMED US from our sins. Let these words permeate your heart. Sit in the weight of these words. Child, you have been bought back no matter your sin. Jesus paid it all on the cross, which should have been our own, but since God loves and loves us too much to let it be our own, He sent His son Jesus to the cross to BUY US BACK. Sometimes I forget to let the weight of His love sit in my heart so I just pass it by, living every day in the mundane, but then this little word Redeem hits and I can’t help but live my life out of the mundane.

So here we have Joyful Redemption. The two words that are a tattoo on my heart, not just for me, but for the lives that I encounter everyday. The lives that need to know they have been JOYFULLY bought back. I am not going to tell you the purpose of this ministry quite yet, but I will give you a secret. I want this ministry to help everyone. No matter what your sin is, the important thing to know is that you have been Joyfully Redeemed. Once you understand that you have been bought back, I think then you will understand the the depth of this ministry.

So welcome to a place where you can feel loved and know the truth. Welcome to a place where no sin is too big to defeat the cross.

Welcome home.

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