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Before Hurricane Irma hit, I had to drive up to Georgia to fly out for my three month planned vacation. Granted I didn’t have to, but the uncertainty of not knowing if I would be able to fly out or even have a car to come home to was putting my stomach in knots. Also, if I couldn’t fly out, I knew that everyone else would be driving, so there was no way that I could fly out to Georgia in time and start my “vacation.” Selah

I had never traveled by myself, nor have I ever started a “vacation” with so much stress in my life. Not knowing what things would look like when I got back to Florida was the cause of all my stress. You see, Florida has been home for quite some time now and I didn’t know what God was doing. I didn’t know what life would look like, about jobs or my house. Everything was very uncertain. Of course I had time to dwell on this for 8 hours as I drove to Georgia, which didn’t help much of anything as you can imagine. In spite of this, every time I thought about it, God put peace in my heart and a word in my head that resonated with me to the very core of my being. Selah

Yes, the word was Selah, a word that we don’t know much about. This wasn’t the first time I have heard this word to be honest. Every time I thought about Joyful Redemption I would hear a little whisper of Selah. So me being a nerd, I looked it up, and studied it for sometime. This was my finding…

The word Selah is found in two books of the Bible. The first one is in the Psalms, and the other in Habakkuk. We really don’t know exactly what it means or even why it’s really in the bible. If we don’t know what it means and if there’s not a clear definition of it, why is it implemented in the bible so much? (74 times to be exact).

Selah (Septuagint) -a division

Selah (Hebrew)-To hang or to measure in the weight of balances

Selah (Hebrew)-Coming from two different Hebrew words which would make to “praise” or to “lift up”. Or a third Hebrew word which is the most popular “to pause.”

In the Amplified Bible it has Selah “to pause and calmly think about that”

So of course the question comes right back to me, why has this word entered my head so many times recently? I know God implements things through the Bible that we aren’t quite ready to understand or grasp yet because He wants us to know how big and how great He really is. And maybe the full definition of Selah isn’t to be fully understood until we reach Heaven, but it is something to think about. Perhaps its just a reason to fear God because of how big He is. Fear that God is so big that He gives us a word that we barely know anything about. If this is true, then why has this word come into my head so much?

I believe this is for this reason…So often we forget how far we’ve come. We forget how we’ve gotten to this certain time in our lives. We’ve forgotten the hurts and the pains that have brought us right to where we are. We forget the times in our lives in which we’ve barely made it, we forget the nights that we stayed up crying for hours…and why, because no one likes to relive the pain, frustration, hurt, or whatever feelings come from painful memories. BUT, so often we forget that it wasn’t our strength, our power, our might that have gotten us this far. It is the willingness of the Father to guide us to the exact moment where we are today. We forget to praise God for the good AND for the bad. We forget that God can take the bad and turn it into good because HE IS GOD.

Driving up to Georgia I had forgotten what God did to bring me here to Florida, a place I call home. I had forgotten the pain that brought me to this spot where for the first time,  I love where I live. Sure, I didn’t want to relive the hurt of losing friends, getting a divorce, and losing everything I had….but if it wasn’t for those things I wouldn’t be in Florida. Hence the word Selah. In the midst of pain or grief,  that is where we find our deepest Joys. We have to remember and utilize the bad in order to come to the place of deep and intense Joy. When we come to this place, we can praise God for the bad and we can praise Him for the good and find Selah. I believe that encompasses the full word of Selah. Sitting in the the middle of pain and blessing, sitting in the unknown, but remembering what God has done and thinking about what God can do, I found the peace in the midst of it all. This the deepest part of Selah. When we can be in the middle of a storm, pause and reflect on what God has done and what God will do, is the deepest form of Selah. And lets be honest we don’t Selah enough.

When is the last time you really sat in the tension between the grief of your life and the Joy? When is the last time you have really thought about what God has done for you in your life? When is the last time you sat in Selah? I encourage you to do so and if you feel brave, comment what God has done in your life.

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