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One of the biggest misconceptions I personally believe, is the fact that you must be perfect for God or people. This is simply not the case. Christianity is about as hard as a day-to-day job. There’s ups and downs; hills and valleys. Everyone experiences these problems. It’s not about going to be pretty. People are always afraid to go to church or always shield away. This is because they have been told by people that they must put on a fake personality or persona. This simply is not true. I’m here to tell you that church isn’t a museum for perfect people, it is a hospital for the broken. We come to church to receive help in our lives because we know our lives are rocky.

When I was growing up, I went to church on Wednesday’s and Sunday’s. I was the only one in my family that went to church, it was incredibly hard. I eventually started feeling pain because people told me I needed to be perfect. They told me the things I was doing bad. When we are children, it is so hard to hear that what we have fun doing is bad. This makes us want to run away from church instead of pursuing church.

God is not someone who will run away from you because you aren’t perfect. God sent His only Son to die for us, not because He thought we would be perfect. It was because He knew we would have problems in our lives. I personally was addicted to pornography for six year of my life. I was a people pleaser. I was afraid to let people down. So, I started to lie about my problems because I feared judgment. This was what I felt when I was younger, so I knew it would happen again…

I repeat this many times because of how important it is. Whether you are a son or a daughter of God; your past is behind you. This old saying says, “The cross before me, the past behind me.” Let that sink in into your mind. We must help each other understand that our past DOESN’T define us. God is always three or four steps ahead of us waiting for us to get there. I strongly believe that I wouldn’t be where I am right now without God. I don’t think I would be here if I didn’t believe that He changes lives.

Here’s a daily challenge for anyone who is saved. Don’t continue to feel God hates you because of your past. Don’t go another day thinking that you’re never going to be up for what God wants you to do. God wants you because we are all broken vessels. God uses the broken more than he does the pure. God will use you. I challenge you to open up to God and let Him work in you!

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