How Good God is When Things Are Bad

One thing I want to Address is something that has been major topic and question. This being ‘Why is god always talked about as a good good father when nothing good is happening for me right now?” This honestly is a situation we all find ourselves in. But the fact of the matter is , God has us go through hard times and difficult circumstances to make us stronger and able to fight the future battles that the enemy places in front of us. My entire life I almost had a small hatred towards God because I never got what I wanted. In the bible it says that the one who is faithful and commits works to fulfill gods plans will be rewarded tenfold unto themselves. That means in order for us to experience all these awesome things that the lord has for us, we have to be willing to do his will. This will require sacrifices of time and livelihood. My challenge to yall and myself is to practice being appreciative of the hardships you are being put through, for the reward will be great.

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Author: Andrew.merrill2000

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