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God has something better for you than what you have left behind. Take the woman by the well in Samaria. The women by the well was somebody who didn’t ever think she was going to be a different person. Her past already labeled her, she thought. She had been through it all. She was abused, called names, was never associated with because of who she was. She had five husbands. Jesus had came to her at the well. He told the lady to was His feet. The lady denied Jesus due to the fact that she didn’t feel like she was worthy. However, Jesus didn’t think she wasn’t worthy. He didn’t take into account that she had five husbands. He didn’t judge her because she was abused or was a Sumerian woman.

                The way Jesus looks at us is a vessel that is laid brand new by Him. We are used to carry His work. We are all His vessels made by God, that should spread the word in the love of Jesus. We are all sons and daughters of God. The last thing God wants to look at is your past. This is one thing I will continuously say. I want to explain in every message, every blog, every post that God will never shy away from you because of what you have done. IF anything, He will spring you forward. Like I said, church isn’t a museum for perfect people. It is a hospital for the broken. Heaven has so many spots just waiting for people to fill them.

                I challenge you this week to not look at your past. Realize that where you are right now. Jesus wont leave you there. Jesus is going to put you so much further than you ever imagined.

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