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Being Blessed in The Mess

Hey guys! Whats up?

One thing I like doing when reaching out and ministering to people, whether it be on the internet or in person, is being real with them when it comes to conversations about there walk with God.

A very common question always comes up in our lives as believers, and one form of that question is, “why are all these bad things happening to me when I believe in God and I’m so involved with my church?” Well lets face it, we have all been here. we all have had a downhill moment in our lives when we seem to think that God has abandoned us and doesn’t listen to what we are saying. I experienced this a lot growing up and sometimes still in my walk now.

we always ask “why? why? why?”

Well what God wants us to understand is that our walk with him wasn’t meant to be easy. I mean in the bible it says that we have to devote ourselves to walking in righteousness to be like God himself. We know we can never possibly live up to that, and that is why a lot of aspects of our journey is difficult.

Catch this : The mountains and terrible situations and or circumstances that are placed in our lives aren’t placed there to discourage us or make us timid, but are placed there by our lord God to make us stronger and develop as better Christians as we progress. In the bible it says two things that I want you to focus on .

Number 1 – He knows all the plans he has for you and guides our steps.

Number 2- He is working all things together for good according to his purpose and the calling he has for you.

This is him saying , that whatever is happening right now, and whatever things are causing you discomfort, its because he is doing it for a reason. Its to make you stronger and to learn from these situations so you can go from there and minister to people with your story so more people can be apart of his kingdom.

So here’s the challenge and or prayer : Learn to feel blessed in the mess. Know that whatever you are going through , its to improve you and progress you into the kingdom of God.

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