We are a faith brand that started on Instagram. Our goal has been to bring others closer to God, through love and kindness. We started making posts and people became close to our content quickly. Through this, we have had many opportunities to build connections with all types of people. This has helped us create a community that loves each other as themselves. Our community is about loving, accepting, and helping others. When representing Live Him clothing and apparel, you are representing the community. The way our community is online, should be the exact way we are offline.

Our merchandise that is sold, not only helps us continue to bring out more content daily, but it also helps great causes. We are working with many non-profit organizations with certain products. As we sell these products, we donate a large portion of the funds. Every purchase has a bigger meaning behind it. As we grow as a brand, we want our community to express their opinions moving forward. We aim to work together to bring others closer to God.

As you read through our posts, look at our content, and purchase our merchandise; remember that Jesus loves you, and so do we. Live for God – Live Him.